This sucks

21 Aug

I was home the past few days – in the Midwest.  My parents are getting worse.  My mom had such a hard time getting into and out of the car.  She’s in her 50s, which is not that old.  My dad has been eating worse, which is bad for his diabetes.  I think he’s sick of eating the health food and just wants to live again.

I also talked to my sister on the phone.  Her back is getting worse.  She spent 2 months on disability and the doctors say she needs surgery.

My dad’s monthly income is less than the rent.  My mom doesn’t work.  The Midwest is dying.  Anyone who had a chance already left.  What’s left is a pocket of poverty, crime, and substance abuse.  I don’t my parents living in this.  I walked around town the other day – I was the only one outside, of course, no one walks anymore in the Midwest – and people gave me strange looks from their cars.  Maybe because I’m the only one walking, maybe because I’m not white.  For whatever reason, I felt uncomfortable.  I can’t come back and live/work in the Midwest.  I felt insecure when I grew up there.  Why would I go back?  I feel like I fit in more in NYC.

I want to get my parents out, buy a big house in a city that’s progressive, liberal, and open-minded.  That’s my ultimate dream.


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