Dream a little dream for me.

3 Feb

I had a dream the other night where I announced that I was leaving school.  The reaction I got was nothing like I ever expected.  People were sad to see me go.  I especially recall an image from my dream.  I was staring at many faces, many of them were actually crying because I was leaving.  I was so moved and touched that I said, “well, maybe I won’t like it and I’ll come back.”  Someone in my dream said that that was okay, that they would like that.  But I remember feeling that the person who said this didn’t really think I was coming back, that he was saying it to make me feel better.

All this is a far cry from much of anything I’ve experienced in my life.  If I left today, I don’t think my classmates would be sad to see me go.  Certainly, there would be no one crying, wishing I would stay.  It would be great to have friends that value me so much, they would tear up when I told them I was moving.  But at this point in my life, I would be happy to have friends I can make plans with on weekends.


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